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What Can 5 Euro Get in Poland

What Can 5 Euro Get in Poland

The local currency in Poland is the Polish Zloty (PLN). This can come as a surprise to unprepared travellers who, logically, think that since Poland is in the EU they use the Euro. 

Worry not, though. You’ll soon learn to love the Polish Zloty because it offers great value to tourists! Compared to prices in the UK, US and Western Europe, Poland is incredibly cheap to travel to.

The sign for Polish zloty is zł, so all over Poland you’ll see the prices listed as, for example, 22 złwhich means 22 zloty.

A single zloty isn’t the smallest denomination of Polish currency, though. 1 zł is divided up into 100 groszy, just like there are 100 cents in 1 euro.

  1. We went to an exchange shop to change my 5 euro to Zloty, we got 23.44 Zloty for 5 euro
  2. after done with exchange, i went to the tram stations to get ticket for 1.60 Zloty

3. I took a tram to a shop to get a coffee which the coffee cost 7.90 Zloty ( cheapest coffee i got)

4. i took tram again heading to a grocery shop (The tram cost us 1.60 Zloty each)

5. The Grocery name was Biedronka, is a chain of supermarkets. It is the largest chain of discount shops in Poland.

6. I picked up Banana,Apple and Chicken lap

i spend 22.99 Zloty which is a good one in an European country.


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