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car rental in ponta delgada

car rental in ponta delgada

car rental ponta delgada

Public transportation for a lot of places doesn’t work veritably well.

Some suggestions
Renting a auto, you’ll find places to demesne around the center, you’ll walk a litte but not that important. Check google maps

tenures by hack, private tenures with a original companion.
Going hiking, can take hack to the starting point and came back by hack or original machine.

For illustration, if you like to walk you can go to a place far by hack, explore the place all day and came back by original machine or hack. A lot of youthful people does this.
Just a many ideias, i hope i’ve helped.

If you need some connections for hack/ tenures/ transfers i cand shoot it to you.
Enjoy the islet and have fun. Dont forget the hot cataracts in furnas!!!

We spent a week in Ponta Delgada in November last time. We rented a auto and enjoyed it immensely. The islet is small enough to drive enough much far and wide and also because of the size it’s nearly insolvable to get really lost. The main road follows the seacoast( for the utmost part) all the way around the islet and there are lookouts and points of interest in tons of places! We drove to Mosteiros, Cete Cidades, Ribeira Grande, Nordeste, Villa Franco Do Campo, Furnas, and more. The Miradouros are spectacular and each over the islet, every bend we went around revealed another amazing view! As far as parking- we stayed at Hotel Talsiman, There was road parking right near the hostel during the day and overnight there was free parking at a external lot about a 5- 10 nanosecond walk from the hostel. We noway had any issues at all with parking. I relatively enjoyed the walk to pick up the auto in the morning and enough much every morning enjoyed a little diversion into the Jardim Antonio Borges which is right next to the auto demesne. If you are not sure I say” go for it”. The stylish corridor of our holiday
were spent freewheeling around the islet. It’s a really beautiful place with amazing views, fascinating municipalities and townlets, and lots of great places just staying for you to discover! One thing- we got a small vehicle and I am glad we did- some of the roads we were on were veritably narrow! Enjoy!



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