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5 Things to Do in Viseu on Holiday

Viseu, Portugal, is an old city with monuments made of granite and streets that wind their way to the traditional cathedral square. This neighborhood is called the Adro da Sé. In this plaza, you will find a group of old monuments from the Gothic and Rococo times. Every single one of these monuments is beautiful and worth a trip.

Down the hill, you’ll find historical houses that are elegantly decorated, as well as a tile panel that a famous painter made.

Affordable lodging

There are a lot of cheap places to stay and flights, and these comfortable hotels start at $45 per night, which is a very good price. The hotels range from cheap to high-end, but you can find great deals.

Great weather

From May through October, temperatures in Viseu, Portugal, should range from 20 to 30 degrees. It doesn’t rain much, and the weather is nice. Go before May to avoid the crowds.

Historical Center:

The old part of Viseu is on the square opposite the cathedral. You will see whitewashed houses that were built in the 1500s.

Check out the museums:

There are several museums to select from, some going back to the early 1200s if you enjoy culture and history. One of the most popular museums is the Gro Vasco National Museum, where you can see works of art from the 15th century.

Food and Drink:

In Viseu, Portugal, the cobblestone streets are lined with great restaurants. Try the delicious seafood at Inprovviso, in the middle of the city. Why not visit Do’s renowned local wine area and sample superb reds and whites there?


At the top of Rua Dr. Luz Ferreira, you’ll find gourmet shops where you can try various fine wines and jams. There is also a shopping mall with both trendy boutiques and old-fashioned shops.

Optimal Season to Visit Viseu, Portugal

The weather in Viseu, Portugal, is nice because it is near the Mediterranean. In summer, there is little rain, and in winter, the weather can be cold. The best time would be from May to October when the weather is warm, and the temperature ranges from 23 to 30 degrees.


From January to May, the temperature will be between 11 and 21 degrees, which is great if you want to go sightseeing and is still warm enough to sit outside. From January to May, you’ll avoid the crowds and get to the beach before it gets too hot.


From May to August, temperatures will be between 21 and 30 degrees, and it won’t rain much. Beach lovers should go now if they enjoy the beach. Take a look at some of Portugal’s best beaches.


It may become chilly from September to December, with temperatures ranging from 12 to 21 degrees; this is the best time to avoid crowds and arrange an urban sightseeing trip.

Five Things to Do in Viseu, Portugal

The medieval city of Viseu, Portugal, is undoubtedly wonderful. You will always find something to do. From trying the local food to walking around the historic cobblestone streets with cute whitewashed houses, from exploring the cathedrals and museums to shopping in the malls, there is a lot to do in this city. Here are some ideas for the best things to do in this exciting city;

Viseu’s Igreja do Misericordia Church

The church was built in 1775 and had an exterior in the Rococo style. The granite’s contrast with the white walls adds to its charm.

A beautiful Baroque portico and balcony can be found inside the church. The twin bell towers add to the character of the building and are one of its most beautiful features.

Grão Vasco Museum

The museum is next to the cathedral in Viseu. Vasco Fernandes is one of Portugal’s best renaissance painters, and you will find some of his amazing works there.

The museum has many beautiful things, like baroque figurines and religious items. You’ll find many fascinating examples of art and culture at this wildly popular museum.

Cathedral of Viseu

When you go to Viseu, Portugal, you can’t leave without seeing this famous cathedral. This is one of their most popular activities, and it’s no surprise. It is a beautifully ornamented cathedral built in the 12th century.

Look at the beautiful buildings, stone sculptures, and tiles painted by hand (azulejos). The cathedral displays a fusion of Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance architectural styles. You can find a Romanesque doorway, a Gothic doorway, and some beautiful paintings inside the cathedral.

Centro Historico

The historical center of Viseu, located in the cathedral plaza, is a major draw for most tourists. Wander through its winding alleys with round granite flagstones and whitewashed houses. The experience will make you feel like you have returned in time.

You will find beautiful houses, some in better shape than others, with balconies that hang over the narrow historic streets. The streets lead up to Praca Dom Duarte, where there is a statue of King Edward, born in Viseu in 1331.

Viseu, Portugal, Shopping

It’s fun to go shopping in this old city. Walk up Rua Dr. Luz Ferreira to the top. You may browse the most incredible gourmet store, sample some of the region’s great wines, or try local preserves. There are a lot of old-fashioned shops around that sell just about anything you can think of. A shopping center with a wide selection of boutique and traditional stores can be found there.



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