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Free vocational school in Finland

Free vocational school in Finland

Yes, there are vocational schools in Finland that offer free education for both Finnish citizens and international students. The Finnish education system provides equal opportunities for all students to pursue their educational goals regardless of their background or financial situation.

In Finland, vocational education and training is provided by vocational schools, which offer various programs in different fields, such as business, health care, technology, and services. The programs typically combine both theoretical and practical training, and students can earn vocational qualifications that are recognized in Finland and other countries.

The language of instruction in Finnish vocational schools is mainly Finnish, but some programs are offered in English as well. International students who wish to study in Finland must meet certain requirements, such as having a valid residence permit and a sufficient level of language proficiency.

To apply for vocational education in Finland, students must apply directly to the schools they are interested in attending. The application process can vary depending on the school and the program, but in general, it involves submitting an application form, transcripts, and other supporting documents.

It is important to note that while vocational education is free in Finland, students may still need to cover other expenses, such as housing, transportation, and materials. However, there are various scholarships and financial aid programs available to help students with these costs.

Overall, vocational education in Finland is highly respected and provides students with practical skills and knowledge that can lead to successful careers.

Entry requirements

  • You are at least 18 years of age when the studies start.
  • High school certificate or the general school-leaving certificate
  • Good command of English
  • Good physical and mental condition to study and work in restaurant and catering service.

How will the training be arranged?
The training will start in English. It will include both full-time theoretical studies and work-based learning. The studies will take in average 35 hours / week.

Kindly note, strong allergies can be health barriers which can prevent you from becoming a student. In addition, attention must be paid to musculoskeletal disorders.

Contents of the trainingThe scope of the studies is 180 competence points (cp) which is composed of vocational units (145cp) and common units (35cp).

This qualification will give you a good basis for continuing studies at a university level.

The training will start in English. It will include both full-time theoretical studies and work-based learning. The classes will be held during daytime from Monday to Friday.

Duration of the training
The duration of the studies is individual depending on your previous studies and experience in the field. The average duration is two to three years. A personal study development plan will be made for each student.

Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services – eRequirements (opintopolku.fi)

Application procedure
The student selection will be done in two phases:

  1. Record a max. 2-minute video where you answer the following questions:
    – What do you know about this training?
    – What are your expectations for the training?
    – Why would you like to study in this training?
    – What kind of challenges you might have in studying?
    – What kind of job and life do you dream of after the studies?
  2. Attach the video link on your application form. Videos submitted otherwise will not be received. More detailed instructions for the video will be found on the application form. The applicants to be interviewed will be selected based on the application and the video.
  3. The students will be selected on the basis of the interview.
Application period1st of March to 30th of April 2023
Interviewees selection2nd to 12th of May 2023
Interviews (online)    15th to 26th of May 2023
Student selection29th of May to 2nd of June 2023
Start of the training28th September 2023

What moving to Finland requires – Residence permit for applicant´s outside EU-countries

  • If you don’t live in Finland and you don’t have a residence permit, find out before applying if you need a permit and what acquiring the permit requires.
  • Also evaluate, whether moving to Finland is possible for you before the training begins.
  • You must apply for the residence permit before moving to Finland and it must be valid before you start your studies. You can apply for a residence permit after you have received a study place. The permit is not needed when applying.
  • You will also need a private health insurance and sufficient funds for living in Finland.
  • Familiarize yourself in advance with InfoFinland and Finnish Immigration Service websites. On the site you will find instructions on how to deal with the permit matters according to your nationality and life situation.

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