Home Work Permit Relocation How can i get a sponsorship in Netherlands for health care jobs?

How can i get a sponsorship in Netherlands for health care jobs?

How can i get a sponsorship in Netherlands for health care jobs?

Getting sponsorship for healthcare jobs in the Netherlands can be a complex process, but here are some general steps to follow:

  1. Look for job vacancies: First, search for healthcare jobs that offer sponsorship in the Netherlands. You can use job websites like Indeed.nl or LinkedIn, or contact recruitment agencies that specialize in healthcare roles.
  2. Check your eligibility: Once you have found a suitable job, check if you are eligible for sponsorship. The employer must be willing to sponsor you, and you must meet the visa requirements set by the Dutch government.
  3. Apply for the job: If you are eligible, submit your application to the employer. Make sure you follow their instructions carefully and provide all the necessary documents.
  4. Secure a sponsorship: If your application is successful, your employer will need to apply for a work permit on your behalf. The work permit serves as your sponsorship.
  5. Apply for a visa: With the work permit, you can then apply for a long-stay visa, which allows you to work in the Netherlands.
  6. Meet other requirements: In addition to the visa application, you will need to meet other requirements, such as passing a tuberculosis test and providing proof of your qualifications and experience.

Remember, the process can be complex, and it may take some time to secure a sponsorship. It is essential to do your research and seek advice from a qualified immigration advisor if you need further guidance.

Here are some popular websites to find healthcare jobs in the Netherlands:

  1. Indeed.nl – https://www.indeed.nl/
  2. LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/
  3. Glassdoor – https://www.glassdoor.nl/
  4. Expatica Jobs – https://www.expatica.com/nl/jobs/
  5. Joblift – https://nl.joblift.com/
  6. AcademicTransfer – https://www.academictransfer.com/en/
  7. StepStone – https://www.stepstone.nl/
  8. Monsterboard – https://www.monsterboard.nl/
  9. Care.com – https://www.care.com/nl-nl/
  10. Jooble – https://nl.jooble.org/

To work in the Netherlands as a non-EU citizen, you will need to obtain a work visa and a residence permit. Here are the general requirements:

  1. Job offer: You must have a job offer from a Dutch employer. The employer must be a recognized sponsor by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).
  2. Highly skilled migrant status: You can apply for a work visa and residence permit as a highly skilled migrant if you earn a gross monthly salary of at least €4,752 (2022) and have a recognized diploma or relevant work experience. If you meet this requirement, your employer can apply for your residence permit.
  3. Other work permits: If you do not meet the requirements for highly skilled migrant status, your employer may be able to apply for a work permit for you. This permit is subject to several conditions and will require approval from the Dutch Employment Service (UWV).
  4. Health insurance: You must have health insurance before you can apply for a residence permit.
  5. TB test: Non-EU citizens must take a tuberculosis test in their home country or upon arrival in the Netherlands.
  6. Financial resources: You must prove that you have enough money to support yourself while you are in the Netherlands.

Note that the visa requirements can be subject to change, and it’s essential to check the official Dutch government website for the latest information before applying. Additionally, you may need to provide additional documents depending on your specific circumstances.


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