hi everyone i’ve got an awesome news for you guys a few weeks ago the uk home office announced a brand new immigration pathway for skilled workers all over the world to come to the uk to work this new visa will lead to settlement in the uk with your family so this article is a total guide or a complete guide on how to go about it i’ll be talking about all that will be required how to apply for this visa, the document required, how much the visa application is and finally i’ll be talking about the legislative criteria of your family trust me you will like this.

On 22nd august this year applications opened for the new visa in the uk called The scale visa this is a new pathway under the point-based immigration system and this visa is designed to entice skilled workers all over the world to the uk with this killer visa employers or businesses in the uk will be able to sponsor skilled workers through this pathway to coming to the uk to support their businesses and also to contribute in building the uk’s economy unlike other sponsorship visas in the uk the scale of visa will allow businesses or employers to hire skilled workers who will receive two years leave to remain in the uk without further sponsorship or permission beyond the first this month and this is a good one guys because this will help businesses or employers in the uk so higher skilled workers or in demand talent who will help to take their businesses to a new level and also in boosting the uk’s economy.

let’s take a look at the eligibility requirement for applicants and employers and also the process for the scheduler visa for you to qualify to apply for a scalar visa in the uk applicants must have a confirmed job offer to work for an improved scale of business for at least six months the second requirement is applicant must be doing a job that is on the list of eligible occupations and the third requirement is applicants must show proof of english test it said this has been shown previously in a completed or successful visa application let’s take a look at the requirement for employers an employer must be an eligible scale-up business to get approved the second one is approved employers are also sponsors because they’ll be sponsoring the foreign worker to come into the uk to work also keep in mind that applicants must have a job offer a confirmed job offer from an approved employer before his or her skill or visa application can be submitted to qualify as a scaler in order to bring foreign workers into the uk you must show the home office that you have experienced high growth in the period of three years before applying to sponsor foreign workers within this period of three years your business must have grown by 20 on average either in employment or in total sales and also your company must have employed at least 10 employees at the start of the three years period once is approved the schedule sponsor will appear in the list of home office license consoles also applications can be submitted online via the government.uk website how you apply for this visa depends on whether you are applying from outside the uk or you are applying to extend your current visa inside the uk or you are applying to suite to this visa from another visa category from inside the uk proving your identity and providing supporting document as part of your application you will need to prove your identity how you do this depends on where you’re from and what type of passports you have you will either have your fingerprint and photograph taken at the visa application center this is just to get a biometric residence permit use the uk immigration id check app to scan your identity document you will also create or sign it to your uk visas and immigration accounts you you’ll be told what you need to do when you apply after you’ve applied submitted all the required document you will get a decision within three weeks if you are applying from outside the uk and eight weeks if you’re applying from inside the uk let’s take a look at how much it costs when you apply for a scale-up worker visa you will need to have enough money pay the 715 pounds application fee pay the health care surcharge this is usually 624 pounds per year support yourself when you arrive in the uk you will usually need to have at least 1270 pounds available you will also be told how much you need to pay when you apply let’s take a look at your partner and children your partner and children can apply to join you or stay in the uk as your dependent if they are eligible if the application is successful their visa will end on the same date as yours your relationship a dependent partner or child is any of the following your husband wife civil partner or a married partner your child under 18 including if they were born in the uk during your stay your child over 18 if they are currently in the uk as your dependent you will need to provide evidence of your relationship when you apply your partner must be able to prove that either you are in a civil partnership or marriage that is recognized in the uk you’ve been living together in a relationship for at least two years when you apply if your child is 16 or over they must live with you unless they are in full-time education at boarding school college or university not married in a civil partnership or have any children be financially supported by you if your child lives with you you will need to provide evidence of their address such as a bank statement credit card deals driving license nhs registration document an official letter from their university or college money they need to support themselves your partner or children must have a certain amount of money available to support themselves while they are in the uk you or your partner or child will need 285 pounds for your partner 315 for one child and 200 pounds for each additional child let’s take a look at what you can and what you cannot do while on this visa with a scale-up worker visa you can work in your sponsored job for at least six months you can leave your sponsored job after six months you can also study bring your partner and your children with you as your dependent if they are eligible you can also take on additional work including becoming self-employed do voluntary work travel abroad and return to the uk apply to settle permanently in the uk also known as indefinite leave to remain if you’ve lived in the uk for five years and meet the other eligibility requirement what you cannot do is to apply for most benefit public funds or the state pension you cannot work as a professional sport person for example a sports coach if your application is successful you will get a full list of what you can and what you cannot do with a scale-up worker visa during the first six months of your stay you cannot change employer unless you apply to update your visa you do not need to update your visa if you start a different eligible job with the same employer after six months you can continue working in your job change or stop doing your job without telling the home office be self-employed you do not need to update your visa let’s take a look at how long you can stay on this visa you can stay in the uk on a scale of visa for two years you can also apply to extend your visa when it expires as many times as you want as long as you still meet the requirements and after five years you can decide to set a permanently with your family this is known as indefinite leave to remain this also gives you the right to live in the uk work and study in the uk and you may also be eligible to other benefit as a resident ciao you

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