are you thinking of moving to portugal

as a skilled worker or as an

international student from your home


there are quite a few things you should

consider before moving to portugal and

that is why i’m sitting down here to

talk to you

talking about the portuguese salaries

the minimum wage and life generally in

portugal as an immigrant

a lot of people know that portugal has

one of the lowest minimum wage in europe

at the moment the minimum wage in

portugal is 705 euros

workers in portugal with work contracts

receive salaries in 14 months instead of

the usual 12 months whether you’re a

minimum wage or you’re above minimum

wage yeah the minimum wage in portugal

is low

but then when you consider the fact that

the cost of living in portugal is pretty

low compared to most european countries

portugal has a beautiful weather about

306 days of sunshine every year which is

very difficult to find in most european


portugal is the third safest country to

live in in the world safety is most

paramount to every human being right

tuition fees for international students

is quite affordable

and medical care in portugal is very

affordable for all residents living in

portugal and i think these are the

reasons why people are moving to

portugal thereby neglecting the fact

that the minimum wage is low

this actually got me thinking like it

took my mind to the fact that attractive

salaries is not the only reasons why

people are relocating abroad however

there are so many multinational

companies in portugal recruiting and

offering more than the minimum wage and

attractive bonuses and at the end of the

month you will discover you are not

earning the minimum wage


a university degree or a higher degree

can earn you more money in portugal


1250 euros to

1550 euros per month

excluding bonuses and these are

low-level graduate jobs

assistant managers and managers can earn


1700 euros to

2500 euros per month escorting bonuses

and these salaries are paid in 14 months


if you’re looking forward to moving to

portugal you should also consider the

living expenses in different cities

mostly in terms of accommodation because

this is what consumes a lot of you know

residents income in portugal some cities

in portugal are expensive to live in for

instance if you’re moving to lisbon you

should know that lisbon is the capital

of portugal and accommodation is

expensive in lisbon

although there are so many multinational

companies offices in lisbon if you’re a

skilled worker looking for a job there

are so many good job prospects in lisbon

but keep in mind that so many people who

work in lisbon can’t afford to pay for

accommodation in lisbon so they prefer

to live across the tagus river like a

suburb not far from lisbon

despite all these portugal still remains

a destination of choice for immigrants

so if you’re moving to portugal there

are decent salaries and bonuses provided

by so many international companies in

portugal and if you’re an i.t

professional salaries are even better in

that area compared to the average in

portugal you would definitely live a

very good and comfortable life in


i and my family have been living here

for five years with experience studying

working giving birth in portugal you

know life generally in portugal so i

believe i have a lot to share in this

mentioned areas anyway

therefore for foreigners moving to

portugal there are so many international

companies in portugal looking for degree

holders to employ mostly in the area of

1. IT

2. tourism you know real estate

3. construction hr management and customer

services and they are all open for

experts moving to portugal i have a

video where i talked about some

companies that are always recruiting in

portugal. the

truth remains that portuguese economy is

growing so fast and job prospects in

portugal are getting so high you know

better jobs in portugal are surfacing

every day in portugal this is as a

result of multinational companies moving

to portugal even though the minimum wage

is still low in my opinion portugal is a

good place to start up your life build a

career and raise a family the

environment is family friendly but then

everything depends on your decision you

know everything depends on where you get

your information from but keep in mind

that most things will read on the

internet are not actually true

portugal is a beautiful place to raise a

family life in portugal is beautiful and

i can say this anytime any day


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