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the netherlands is a diverse and liberal

country offering experts a lot of

vibrant and historical cities to settle

in very quickly

your state in the netherlands depends on

the factors that are most important to

you for example employment schooling

retirement issues or leisure activities

in this blog i’ll be sharing 10 best

cities in the netherlands for experts

all cities in the netherlands where

foreign workers love to live and this is

based on my research

it is very easy to

understand why people love to move to

amsterdam this is because amsterdam has

beautiful canal houses vibrant

atmosphere and international community

there’s always something to do in

amsterdam has experts from

over 180 nationalities who live in the

capital making it a truly multicultural


it has many cultural events and

world-class museums and the beautiful

bridge over a canal in amsterdam

amsterdam is the largest city in the

netherlands it has impressive 30 parts

in the city and you will never be too

far from the water whether it’s canals

lakes or even beaches you’re looking for

if you enjoy the confidence of living in

the center then amsterdam will be the

right city for you however

keep in mind that you will pay high

prices and festive competition for

housing in these areas in fact amsterdam

is currently the most expensive city in

europe for renting according to 2022

international index the second city on

my list is rotterdam

rotterdam is the second largest city in

the netherlands after amsterdam

unlike most those cities in the

netherlands rotterdam is known for its

bold modern landscapes that were built

after most cities were destroyed during

the second world war rotterdam is


lively with countless cultural

attractions and activities

many sites are hallmarks of the city’s

unique urban architecture considering

the global significance of rotterdam

maritime industry it is also worth

taking a boat tour of the euro largest

port in rotterdam

rent in rotterdam is ranked the fourth

most expensive in the netherlands making

it cheaper than amsterdam

many experts in rotterdam live in the

neighborhood close to the city the third

city on my list is the hague the hague

is a city close to the seaside with a

unique access to beautiful nature

it is home to the dutch government the

royal family and the united nations

international court of justice many

embassies and international

organizations are also based in the head

making it a vibrant multicultural hub

the hague is the third largest city in

the netherlands there is still plenty to

see and do in the city there are eight

city districts and 44 neighborhoods in

the hague the largest of this is the

centrum so many experts are living in

the head’s neighborhood housing market

is expensive and competitive and the

cost of living is generally cheaper than

in amsterdam the fourth on my list is

utrich this is one of the most oldest

cities in the netherlands it is often

called little amsterdam because of

charming canals that goes around the

historic center

it is also located in the center of the

mainland netherlands and is very well

connected to many larger cities like

amsterdam the hague and rotterdam

there are beautiful sites like the dome

tower the tallest cathedral tour in the

netherlands and the city’s old canal

which runs through the historic center

music lovers can also catch performances

from good artists at the netherlands

largest concert venue

otrich was ranked the second most

popular place to live in the netherlands

according to the 2019 residential

ranking it is also one of the most

expensive place to live in the

netherlands but you can also find

affordable housing outside the city

center the fifth one on my list is halem

this is a small city in the northwest of

netherlands very close to amsterdam it

is considered as one of the most

attractive cities to live in the

netherlands with beautiful kobo street

medeva buildings and winding waterways

halem has rich history there are plenty

of impressive landmarks and northward

museums to visit in harlem

these include the france halls museum

and taylor’s museum the country’s oldest


harlan’s location is close to the

capital and the seaside which makes it a

popular destination for experts because

of the popularity

housing prices is on the high side


considering halem’s compact size it is

worth looking into residential

neighborhoods outside the city center if

you prefer to live closer to the coast

then harlem will be the best city for

you in the netherlands the next one on

my list is laden leiden is university

city located in the middle of the

rastard region

it is known as the knowledge ep center

of the netherlands and is home to the

oldest university in the country

laden is a small and compass city that

is bustling with energy coupled with the

fact that it has large today and

international community

the city is rich in cultural heritage

and it has at least 13 museums including

the museum the lake hall the city also

has great public transport connections

to amsterdam the hague and rotterdam and

because of influx of students every year

affordable housing in the city center is

scarce seventh city on my list is

groningen this is the largest city in

the north of the netherlands the

northern provinces of the netherlands

are known to be a quiet place is a small

city but has a lively city center and a

vibrant art and cultural scene and it

has a large student population

groningen consistently ranks as one of

the happiest cities in europe according

to european commission reports

based on their research they considered

factors like quality of life

education and health care

housing prices are significantly lower

than it is in branstad in fact rent in

groningen is around 53 percent lower

than in amsterdam maastricht is a

historical city in the south of

netherland and the capital of limburg it

is located on the banks of the muse

river it has beautiful riverside views

medeva architecture and cobblestone

street it also has a unique atmosphere

and is very close to beijing and germany

maastricht has the second highest number

of national heritage site in the

netherlands after amsterdam

this includes the oldest bridge in the

netherlands and one of the country’s

oldest churches it is also known as the

carnival city of the netherlands hosting

one of the europe’s largest and most

spectacular carnivals every year the

knife one on my list is ed hoven this is

another city in the netherlands is the

birthplace of the popular electron is

called phillips and many other high-tech

companies ed havon has become a

technology and design hall and it has

been branded the silicon valley of the


it is also one of the greenest cities in

the country

another bonus of living in this city is

you are closer to edovan airport the

second busiest airport in the


in the center of edhoven you will find a

lot of apartment housing which is often

expensive the center may be more

suitable for single experts or couples

without children

many expert families live on the

outskirts of the city warehousing tends

to be more spacious the last but not the

least is need megan this is the largest

city in its province it’s very close to

german border and is the largest in the

netherlands the city is full of

magnificent ancient buildings and it has

much more to offer than just its

historic site

the city center has a lively atmosphere

with many cafes restaurants and shops to


the city hosts the hour four days march

the world’s largest multiple day working


the cost of living in need megan

particularly rent is lower than in other

major cities





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