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Salary In Portugal For 2022

In this article, we’ll look at the average salary in Portugal in 2022 and how it compares to the average salary in other countries. We’ll also look at interesting salary data like the median, 25th, and 75th percentile salaries, salary amounts based on previous experience, bonus ranges, and more. This article’s salary information comes from official government data, salary surveys, and other sources like job postings that list salaries.

How Much Does the Average Portuguese Person Earn?

A person who works in Portugal usually makes around 32,900 EUR per year, with the lowest average salary being about 10,100 EUR and the highest average salary being about 148,300 EUR. These are the average salary for a person in Portugal, including housing and transportation.

People can also make almost as much as the average salaries listed above. Salaries vary greatly depending on your gender, location, skills, and experience level. Continue reading to find out more about each of these areas.

Distribution of Pay in Portugal

So, we’ve looked at how much the average person in Portugal makes. The next interesting piece of information is how salaries are split up.

Salary ranges

We already know that the average salary in Portugal is between 10,100 EUR and 148,300 EUR. In statistics, this is called the range. The variance between the highest and lowest values is a good way to show how much salaries vary. Employers can utilize it to determine how much they can pay, and employees can use it to determine how much they can make.

Median salary

In Portugal, the average salary is 31,180 EUR. This salary is in the middle of the range of salaries. This means that about half of the people earn less than 31,180 EUR per year, and the other half earn more than 31,180 EUR per year. If you create more than the median income, that’s a good sign that you’re being paid well. If you don’t make more than the median income, your goal should be to make at least as much money as the median salary.


Percentiles are like the median salary, but they look at the highest and lowest numbers rather than the middle number. In Portugal, 25% of the people make less than 19,200 EUR per year, while 75% make more than 19,200 EUR per year.

75% of people make less than 85,440 EUR per year, and 25% make more than that. Like the median income, the 25th and 75th percentile salaries can be used to determine which quartile you are in so you know if you are paid enough compared to others in your profession and area.

Pay by Level of Experience in Portugal

After what you do for a living, the number of years of experience you have is the most important thing in figuring out your salary. It makes sense that someone with more decades of work expertise will get paid more.

People who have to operate at a job for two to five years can expect to make about 35% more than people who are just starting in a lower position. This number is the same for all jobs and industries. The average salary goes up another 20% for employees with ten years of experience or more and another 15% for those with fifteen decades of work expertise or more.

Salary by Level of Education in Portugal

How much you earn depends greatly on your education and work experience. Many high-paying jobs require a high level of education, but how much can your salary go up with a degree? In our research, we compared the salaries of people with the same job and career level but distinct levels of education to see how much more you could earn at each level.

The salary you can get based on your education depends greatly on where you live and what you do for a living. People with a certificate or diploma from a program after high school can expect to make about 17% more than those who only finished high school.

You can expect to earn about 25% more if you must have a bachelor’s degree than if you have a certificate or diploma. When you have a master’s degree, your salary is about 30% higher than when you have a bachelor’s degree. If you get a Ph.D., you can expect to make about 22% more than someone with a master’s degree who does the same job.

Salary Comparison by Gender

We know that there should never be a difference in pay between men and women in the modern world. In many jobs, men still make a lot more money than women who do the same job.

In Portugal, the average salary for men is 35,560 EUR, while the average salary for women is 34,080 EUR. This means that, on average, men earn 4% more than women for doing the same job, no matter their field.

Bonus and Incentives Rates in Portugal

The bonus pay you get is another part of your total pay at a job. Some jobs are more likely to give bonuses than others, and those that do are more likely to pay higher bonuses. In general, jobs that bring in more money directly will get higher bonuses based on how well they do at reaching their revenue goals.

51% of staff in Portugal said they had gotten at least one bonus in the past year. 49% said they hadn’t gotten any bonuses in the past year. For the employees who did get a bonus in the past year, the bonuses were between 3% and 5%.


Compared to other fully developed countries, Portugal has one of the most affordable monthly wages in the world. This enables you to select from a broad pool of technically talented employees in a country with great social and political stability. You can utilize the information in this article to help you decide if you want to outsource your business to Portugal or look for a job there.



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