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How To Get A NIF Number In Portugal In 2022

<strong>How To Get A NIF Number In Portugal In 2022</strong>
How To Get A NIF Number In Portugal In 2022

A NIF is so important in Portugal that it’s almost a myth. It’s important to almost every process or administrative task and part of everyday life. Examples are starting a bank account, signing a lease, getting a job, or agreeing to use a cell phone. Without it, most of the things we do every day would be very hard.

The Portuguese government created the NIF in 2004 to stop tax evasion. It is linked to a person’s Public Tax obligation Number. It makes it easy for banks, utility companies, employers, and owners to check a person’s identity without having to do anything else. At the Portal das Financas, you can get a NIF for free.

What is a NIF Number for Portugal?

A Numero de Identificacao Fiscal (NIF) is a Portuguese tax ID number. It has nine numbers, and every person in Portugal has one. The Portuguese Tax Authorities give you a unique number. This number is even printed on your ID card. In the Portuguese Tax Office database, people are listed by their NIF. It also lets the government know if the person leaves the country, preventing future tax problems.

Different people get different suggestions from the NIF. For example, for many people, it’s just a normal step in the process of opening a checking account. For others, getting a NIF is the first step toward opening a business in Portugal since all Supervisors and shareholders in a Portuguese company are required to have one.

Why do I need a NIF Number in Portugal?

Simply put, everyone in Portugal needs a tax identification number, or NIF, especially if they want anything official, like opening a bank account or buying a house. You can’t get in trouble for not having a NIF, but it’s hard to live in Portugal without one.

Everyone who wants to use public services and utilities or get a driver’s license will need a NIF. Not only that, it is the very first step to starting a business. In either case, you need a Portuguese NIF number to do any financial business in Portugal.

Why am I Required to Have a Portugal NIF Number?

First of all, you have to use the number in a lot of places, such as:

  • How to buy and sell real estate.
  • Wills and last wills and testaments.
  • I am opening an account to save money.
  • How to get money.
  • Paying tax.
  • You are getting your money.
  • I was going to college or university.
  • Getting money from social security.
  • Getting utilities like electricity, internet, and other services.
  • Getting a license to drive.
  • Getting a plan for a cell phone.
  • And a lot of other business or government tasks.

How to Get a NIF

You can get a NIF in two ways: in person by going to the tax office or online through the e-balco website. For non-residents: If you are not physically in the country, you can get an interim NIF through a Portuguese Attorney acting as a Power of Attorney.

Just as important, this can be changed later when the applicant is in Portugal for a permanent NIF. For people who already live in Portugal, you can go to the local tax office, which is called Finances, or the Loja do Cuidado, which is a place where people can get advice.

A NIF can be gotten online, but the site is only in Portuguese. The people at Lexidy LegalTech Boutique can help you by gathering the paperwork you need, reviewing it, keeping track of the application, and even translating for you.

What do I need to fill out the NIF Application?

  • Declaration of Nomination of Fiscal Representative: This statement is a statement that says the applicant chooses Lexidy as their tax representative to represent them before the tax authorities.
  • Acceptance of the nomination by the fiscal representative: This is a statement that the representative is willing to take on the responsibility of being a fiscal representative.
  • Passport: An ID is needed. Most people who don’t live in Portugal need a passport, which must be notarized and apostilled. The Hague Apostille is a process that lets EU countries know that a document is real.
  • Proof of address: We require proof that the applicant lives at the address listed on the NIF. But there aren’t many big problems here. For example, a picture of a utility bill is enough.

A Portuguese Tax Card vs NIF?

A Portuguese Tax Card is given to people when they get their permanent NIF number. It’s a different kind of paper than the NIF, which is a number on tax and ID cards.

What else can I do with a NIF?

A NIF can be used in many ways. But the best way to make money is to help people get a Golden Visa. Non-EU citizens can live and work in Portugal if they invest money and get this visa. It is one of the most appealing Golden Visa programs in Europe. The holder only needs to go to Portugal seven days a year to get the card and be able to travel around the EU without a visa.

What can we do to help you?

It’s easy. At Lexidy LegalTech Boutique, we focus on all the solutions you might need when moving to Portugal or putting money there. We look over the paperwork, explain how things work, and act on your behalf using Power of Attorney to speed things up. We want to give our clients an easy, safe, and effective experience that needs to set them up for success. Even so, we like to be close to our customers.

Not having a NIF number is one of the hardest things for immigrants to deal with when they move to Portugal. This can make it hard to open a bank account, sign a contract for a cell phone, or even sign up for TV/Internet. Before you move to Portugal, please get in touch with us. Our team will help ensure your move, investment, or legal matter runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Price: €140 (includes €10 discount)
  • Turnaround: One week
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