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What Is The Minimum Wage In Portugal In 2022

Most people in Portugal think that minimum wage is enough. On either hand, some people think the minimum wage is too low. It depends on your location, industry, and whether you want to work for a company or hire people for your own. In this article, we’ll look at both sides of the minimum wage in Portugal and discuss when it’s good and when it’s not.

What is a minimum wage?

The minimum wage is the most an employer can legally pay an employee for the time and work they put into making goods and services. The Portuguese Constitution sets the minimum wage in Portugal, not the government. The Constitution says that the minimum wage is the amount a person needs to make a decent living.

What is Portugal’s minimum wage?

In 2022, the minimum wage in Portugal will be €705.00 per month, which is about $700 today. The minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour, about $1,260 per month if you work 40 hours a week. It doesn’t seem like the minimum wage in Portugal is as good as in the U.S. But it’s important to remember that the cost of living in Portugal is much less than in the U.S.

Is Portugal’s minimum wage sufficient?

Most people agree that Portugal’s minimum wage is enough to live a decent life. Portuguese workers can get more than just the minimum wage. They can get holiday and Christmas bonuses, unemployment insurance, and more. This makes Portugal a great place for people from other countries who want to work there or start their businesses.

Portugal’s cost of living

The cost of living in Portugal is down compared to other European countries. Most people work full-time, which is one of the main reasons. Also, the government of Portugal gives families several tax breaks. It also puts a lot of money into public services like education and health care.

Regional variations in Portugal’s salaries

There is a large difference between how much people make in different parts of Portugal. But it’s important to remember that living costs vary greatly from one part of the country to another. For example, rents in the North and Center of Portugal are usually lower than in the Algarve. So, even though minimum wages vary by region, the truth is that the amount of money you can buy with the minimum wage varies a lot depending on where you live.

The buying power of Portugal’s minimum wage

It’s no secret that Portugal doesn’t have one of the best minimum wages in Europe. But this doesn’t mean that the minimum wage in Portugal isn’t enough to buy what you need. A recent study found that the Portuguese minimum wage gives you more money to spend than the minimum wages in Germany, Spain, and Italy.

This means that even though Portugal has one of the smallest minimum wages in Europe, its people still have a lot of money to spend. This is because prices and interest rates in Portugal are low. Because of this, Portuguese customers can purchase more things with each euro they earn. On either hand, it’s important to remember that Portugal has a low cost of living. This means that Portuguese people can have a good life even though their minimum wage is not very high.

Is it worth it to work in Portugal?

If you want a job in Portugal, the minimum wage might not be the most important thing. In recent years, a lot of foreign workers have moved to Portugal. This is because of things like the mild weather, the high quality of life, and the low cost of housing. Portugal’s fair wage system is another thing that has made it a popular place to find work.

Is hiring in Portugal worth it?

To launch a company in Portugal, you must present the government with a solid business plan and receive authorization from them first. Consider how much it will cost you to live in the country, how much tax your firm will be required to pay, and how much a reasonable compensation should be for every employee based on where they will operate and what they will perform.

It is crucial to take all of these factors into consideration. When you’ve given all of these factors some attention, you’ll be able to assess whether or not it would be beneficial for your organization to recruit someone in Portugal.


Even though the minimum wage for workers in Portugal is one of the lowest in Europe, this does not indicate that they are not paid an adequate amount. Considering the factors we covered earlier, living comfortably on a minimal salary in Portugal is possible. Portugal’s workers can make more money thanks to the country’s low cost of living.



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