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like canada australia and new zealand

there are many european countries who

are facing huge labor shortage and today

i’ll be covering ireland its capital is

dublin and this is an english-speaking

country so you don’t need to learn any

additional foreign language to mag right

here labor shortage is worrying news for

many irish companies at the moment but

not for you if you wish to move to a

foreign country and settle down this is

the right time to start applying for

jobs there are number of reasons for the

labor shortage in ireland now many

people have chosen to switch jobs and in

some cases move sectors after the

pandemic shutdowns others have chosen to

retire early or to work for fewer hours

hello guys i’m sarika and welcome to

your knowledge buddy so my today’s

agenda is number one to cover everything

about ireland’s visa college csep which

is critical skills employment permit

number two benefits of this visa number

three who can apply number four critical

jobs are violent and number five step by

step process to apply and also with demo

so without any further delay let’s begin

which is agenda number one what is csep

so there are plenty of visa categories

available to migrate in ireland but i

will be covering only csep which is a

type of work permit in ireland which

stands for critical skills employment

permit the old name of this visa type

was green card type employment permit

the critical skills employment permit is

designed to attract highly skilled

people into the labor market with the

aim of encouraging them to take a

permanent residence in ireland eligible

occupations under this type of permit

are deemed to be critically important to

growing ireland’s economy are highly

demanded and highly skilled and

insignificant shortage of supply in this

labor market occupations such as ict

professionals professional engineers and

technologists teachers nurses are

catered for under this type of

employment permit i’ll show you a full

demo at the end of this blog. this visa

is valid for two years and you will get

your permanent residency which is pr at

the end of two years agenda number two

benefits number one no sponsorship is

needed you can apply your visa with just

a job offer which is your employment

contract from your company also since

jobs listed under this category are in

short supply labor market needs test is

not required number two while the job

offer must be of two years duration you

need to stay with the initial employee

for a minimum period of 12 months only

number three family reunification which

means you can move with your family and

apply visa at the same time as the main

applicant number four stand for means pr

which is a permanent residency in

ireland and you can get pr in two years

if you are on this visa category which

means you don’t need any employment

condition and you can work for anyone

agenda number three who can apply an

eligibility criteria so eligibility for

a critical skills employment permit is

largely determined by the type of

occupation and proposed remuneration

level so number one is occupations with

a minimum annual remuneration of 32 000

euros with occupations contained in the

critical skills occupation list and a

relevant degree qualification or higher

is required number two all occupations

with a minimum annual remuneration of

over 64 000 euros other than those on

the ineligible list of occupations for

employment permits or which are contrary

to the public interest if you don’t have

a degree qualification or higher you

must have the necessary level of

experience number three you must have

secured a two-year job offer in respect

of the eligible occupation from the

prospective employer number four an

employment permit will not be granted to

companies unless 50 or more of the

employees in the firm are eea nationals

at the time of application now the most

important bit when you get your job

offer or contract from your company make

sure four things are clearly mentioned

as you will need it at the time of visa

application number one a full

description of the proposed employment

number two starting date number three

annual remuneration excluding bonuses

and number four information in respect

of the qualifications skills or

experience required for the employment

achievement number four critical skills

occupation list let’s have a quick demo

this is the official website of ireland

where you can find critical skills

occupation list this list is huge i

already have a dedicated blog about

this so i’ll quickly go through it now

so you can see production managers ict

professional health and social services

manager director natural and social

science professionals engineering

professionals and if you scroll further

you can see more details like under it

you have your

managers program manager project manager

architect system designer business

analyst and many more and under health

professionals you can see they are

medical practitioners psychologists and

many more under therapy you can see

their physiotherapists as well

occupational therapists nursing and

midwife teaching there are plenty of

teaching jobs as well so you can read

the details here

and business research and administrative

professionals architecture town planner

surveyors welfare professional quality

and regulatory professional medical

professional health and associate

professionals artistic literate literary

and media occupations design occupation

sports and fitness occupation and sales

marketing and related associate

professional so those are the lists in

the critical job

hm number five step by step process that

you should follow step one check if your

job falls under shortage occupation list

which is called critical shortage list

which i showed you now number two if you

found your job here start applying for

jobs via all the job sites like linkedin

read indeed and jobs.i step 3 after you

get job offer you can apply your own

visa visa fee is thousand euros if an

application is unsuccessful then ninety

percent of the fee will be refunded also

this is a dual application permit which

means you can apply for it or your

company can also apply for you you

should make an application for this visa

at least 12 weeks before the proposed

employment start date an application for

a critical skills employment permit can

be made online on the employment permits

online system which is called epoch

system now let’s have a quick demo now

this is the official website of ireland

where you can apply your own visa so

this is called epos system so if you

scroll at the bottom of this page

uh just select on i’ll select employment

permit application form from the list so

this is the full list of island so these

are the different visa categories so

here you see critical skills employment

permit and critical skills employment

permit this is trusted partner and this

is standard employer trusted in partner

the process is faster because you’re

registered with the government and

standard employed i believe the process

is a little slow i don’t know the

details at the moment so you can click

any of the option for this demo i’m

going to just use this you’ll be

prompted to enter your passport number

expiry date first name and last name so

i’m going to start with

once you provide your details you’ll be

landing to this page which you can see

here so you need to fill your

introduction registration details

details of foreign national details of

redundancy details of employment details

of remuneration and final details so

here who is the applicant you need to

say for a national if you’re feeling

yourself and are you agent acting for

the applicant you can say no and then

click on save draft

and now you move to the next one where

you have registration details confirm

and then make move to the next page here

now this is very important because you

will have to provide all the details of

your employer so your register their

register number company name business


and the details as well here as you can

see from this page address telephone

number website and provide the details

of the person with the company who’s

authorized to deal with any queries you

see and a lot of other details

so you can fill this details from

information provided by your employer

now details of foreign national as well

so you will have to provide your details

which is you whenever you see foreign

national it means it is you so passport

number expiry date mid and your middle

name first name and your all personal

details which needs to be provided here

so you can spend time on this space for

them you can ignore details of

redundancy these are for people who are

already in ireland so now move to

details of employment again what is the

job title given to you and then

employment address business name address

and other details as well here and what

are your main function of the job if

you’re a project manager you will have

to detail down your roles and

responsibility it is already mentioned

in your job i believe job description so

you can copy paste here qualification

skills needed and the other details as

well and did you use any agent

recruitment agency how did you recruit

so all those details needs to go here

and the last is very important like i

said so go and make sure add all the

details correctly your annual salary

your weekly salary hourly rate and all

the details here and once you are done

of course you can save make sure you

start saving save draft and once you are

done you can click on the final details

here and and after that form complete

that’s it this is how you can apply your

own visa just with a job offer

now in terms of applying for the job you

can use any job site like linkedin read

indeed and here for a quick demo this is

how you should find a job so for ireland

just go and click on the job like

project manager provide island and you

can see the jobs you can scroll through

there are plenty of jobs as you can see

there are more than 3000 job at the

moment another website is jobs.i which

is the government’s website so here as

well you can provide the job title like

project manager and select the city like

dublin i have done and here you can see

i can find 109 project manager jobs

already and please notice you see here

35 000 already so if you manage to get

this job maybe you can get this visa and

if you scroll down i have seen more good

salaries here as well at the bottom of

this page you see here how much of

salary is given for this role so if you

happen to get any of this job you can

easily apply your own visa and move to

ireland before i wrap this blog i would

like to give you a small suggestion

number one educate your employers that

you don’t need sponsorship because csep

is a permit which you can also apply for

yourself if you got employment contract

tell them you will apply for your own

visa number two while applying for job

and filling the job application form if

you see questions like do you require

visa sponsorship just reply no that’s

all .



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