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How to get Poland Student visa Approved

How to get Poland Student visa Approved
  • This is required Before Interview
    • Financial Documents – Make sure you show the bank balance for a minimum of 3 Months and not a one day balance. It shows that you have an adequate backup to study over there and would not be involved only on work.
    • Educational gap: If you have any gap in your education, please justify with proper reason. You can not say that you were sitting idle for that period.
    • Professional Experience: As the age gap is not an issue, many elderly people also apply for the student visa there. But they need proper documentation for it like experience certificate, appointment letter, etc.
    • SOP – Statement of Purpose: It is the most important document that you should take care of. Basically, It shows your intention of studying there. You should include a few of the thing like –
      • Why do you want to go to Poland to study?
      • What you’ll do after studying?
      • What impact will it make on your career?
  • In the interview, you need to prepare a few things like
    • Revise your File: Make sure you go through your own file like what you have submitted. You must have a clear idea on any document they ask.
    • Poland: Do research what’s going on in the country. Which state you have come across. Why do you like Poland? Why do you want to apply in Poland only?
    • Be confident: Don’t be nervous. The interviewer is way too nice in the embassy so just be confident and answer their questions.

If you can produce enough document and confidence, no one can reject your visa.

Hope it helps.

All the best 🙂


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