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How to get married in Poland as a foreigner

Whether you’ve decided that a proposal would make a huge difference in your life, or you just want to confirm the de facto relationship between you and your loved one, when it comes to marriage, there are always paperwork to deal with.

Marriage procedure varies from country to country, so the first step is to choose whether to get married in the country where you live or in your home country.

You can then choose between a civil marriage (ślub cywilny) or a religious marriage (małżeństwo wyznaniowe).

Here’s what you need to know if you decide to get married in Poland in a standard civil marriage.

What are the conditions for getting married in Poland?
To get married in Poland, you and your future spouse:

1.must be in good standing (18 years old; a minor over 16 can marry unless she has permission from the family court) ;
2.cannot be formally married;
3.cannot be married to Your fiancé is related by blood (not a brother or sister, not directly related or directly related, or adopted);
4.cannot be mentally ill or disabled (although this requirement is considered partially outdated and has been upheld by Polish courts, but if a situation threatens the marriage or the health of the couple’s children, it can be used to cancel the marriage). Chapter

Where Are You Going?
All formalities – submission of required documents and the ceremony itself are done at Urząd Stanu Cywilnego (Civil Registry Office). Although it is possible to marry outside the office, you will need permission from the head of the Urząd Stanu Cywilnego to do so.

What documents are required to get married in Poland?
1.Your identity document – ​​identity card (dowód osobisty) or passport;
2.Birth certificate or foreign equivalent;
3.If you have been married before, you must provide the foreign equivalent of a marriage certificate and a document confirming the end of the marriage or Invalid document or a document confirming the non-existence of the marriage;
4.Foreigners must produce a document proving that they can marry under the laws of their country of origin (document confirming that you can marry legally) – these documents must be issued by the authorities of their country of origin.
Usually the last of these files seems to be the hardest to get. The reason for this is that many countries do not issue such a document at all, or even if they do, there are often obstacles that prevent foreigners from obtaining it (for example, epidemic restrictions, wars, persecutions, high travel costs, etc.).

If you are unable to obtain documents proving your capacity to marry, the only recourse is to ask a Polish court to be exempted from the obligation to provide these documents. If the court finds the circumstances reasonable, you will be allowed to get married without this document.

As with all legal proceedings in Poland, you can present your case in person or have a lawyer represent you.

Which countries do not issue documents proving the capacity to marry?
From our research, we have found that citizens of the following countries generally have to go to court to get married in Poland:

Ukraine – the authorities do not issue any documents proving the ability to marry;

United States – the authorities do not issue any document proving capacity to marry;

China – Authorities issue documents proving ability to marry, but to apply for these documents, Chinese nationals must travel to China in person and submit an application at a local office;

Russian Federation – Authorities issue documents proving the ability to marry, but to apply for these documents, a Russian citizen must come to Russia in person and submit the application at a local office or use the online mail Gosluslugi, s he has a residence in Russia;

Egypt – authorities do not issue any document proving the ability to marry;

Argentina – Authorities issue documents proving the ability to marry, but Polish civil status offices generally do not recognize them;

Mexico – The authorities do not issue documents proving the capacity to marry

Canada – The authorities do not issue any document proving the capacity to marry.



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