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How to convert a foreign driving license into a Romanian license

How to convert a foreign driving license into a Romanian license
How to convert a foreign driving license into a Romanian license

Can you drive in Romania with a foreign license?
The Romanian authorities are not required by law to recognize foreign driving licenses, which is why the International Driving Permit (IDL) exists.

issued by the state where you originally obtained your driver’s license, written in multiple international languages, certifies that you have a valid driver’s license and can drive a certain type of vehicle.

IDL Recognized only by countries that have signed the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic. Therefore, you must verify the signatory country before using the IDL in that country. Romania is a signatory and recognizes the IDL.

However, the Romanian authorities have a practice of not requiring an IDL, the presentation of a foreign driving license is sufficient as long as it is in an understandable format and in English. However, no one can guarantee that you will not be asked for a legal translation of the driving license so that you are not accused of driving a car without a license.

What is driver’s license conversion and how can it help me?
This conversion is basically the official recognition of the foreign driver’s license in Romania, after which you get a new document – the Romanian driver’s license. You can use this license to drive legally in Romania and even within the European Union without any issue.

The change of driving license is useful for foreign citizens residing in Romania, especially when the driving license in their country of origin is about to expire and they do not want to return to the country just to renew it.

Can I use my foreign license to drive in Romania without converting it?
Romania automatically recognizes driving licenses issued in the EU as well as several non-EU countries, even without official conversion. For example, if you have a Polish driver’s license, you can use it freely in Romania. But if for an example you have a Nigerian driver’s license, it will can not be automatically recognized and cannot be converted at all.

When should I force a change to my driver’s license?
Your license has been damaged, lost or stolen
Your license has expired (only if you are an EU citizen; you cannot transcribe an expired non-EU license)
If you break traffic rules
If you live in Romania If you hold a valid unlimited A valid driving license (only if required by the national authority of your country of residence), or if you obtained your driving license in a non-EU country, you must also transcribe your driving license after 2 years of residence in your country.
As for non-EU countries, you are only obliged to convert your driving license to a Romanian license if you declare your residence in Romania. This occurs when a person resides in Romania for at least 185 days per year or, although residing in another country, regularly returns to an address in Romania for reasons of personal relations.

Is passing a new driving test mandatory for an approved driver’s license?
In most countries in the world, it is possible to change driving licenses without passing a driving test, except for exceptions provided for by law.

The driving license obtained in China also has a particularity, it only transcribes for ordinary class B cars without re-examination.

What steps do I need to take to convert my driver’s license?
To modify a driving license obtained outside the EU, you must follow the steps below:

Complete a medical assessment demonstrating that you are fit to drive a vehicle of the category mentioned in the license
Openly submit the document to the community Convert the document to the competent authority of your area of ​​​​residence Services are provided within.
What are the conditions for changing driving licenses?
You can only provide the transcript voluntarily if you have legal residence in Romania and before the 185-day deadline.

What do I need to fill in to change my driver’s licence?
You must be over 18, reside in Romania and have a medical certificate attesting to your ability to drive a vehicle.

What is the Validity of Romanian driving license?
Romanian driving licenses are valid for the following periods:

5-year categories: C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, DE, Tr, Tb and Tv
10-year categories: AM, A1, A2 , A, B, B1 and BE


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