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How to apply for Spain Foreigner Identity Number (NIE)

Foreigner Identity Number( NIE)

Obtaining a NIE
A NIE may be asked directly in Spain or at the Consular Office of the aspirant’s country of hearthstone.

The request may be made in person or through a properly accredited Lawyer.

The physical presence of the aspirant or of their representative is obligatory in every case.

further information on how to apply for a NIE may be asked ( by dispatch) from this Consular Office.

The Documentations that is needed to apply for the NIE at the Consular Office

EX-15 standard-issue operation form It opens in new window( initial and one dupe), completed and inked by the aspirant or representative.
The shape should rather be completed online and published.
The operation shape must indicate the profitable, professional, or gregarious reasons that justify the NIE operation.

Original of the aspirant’s valid passport and a dupe of the passport’s biographical data runner.
Citizens of Member States of the European Union may identify themselves with their identity document( initial and one dupe, frontal and ago).
still, only the certified dupe of the document should be handed, If the operation is offered by a representative.

still, the initial and a dupe of the representative’s identity document or passport must also be offered, together with a authority of attorney in which it’s expressly stated that this representative is invested to present the NIE operation, If the NIE is asked via a representative.

still, a dupe of the blood story book or the birth instrument or the custodianship document must be offered, If the aspirant is a minor or is immobilized. In extension, the valid passport or ID of the parent or guardian must be shown off .

Document proving hearthstone in the Consular area.

form 790, law 12 It opens in new window, properly completed, and payment of the corresponding figure.

In 2021, the figure is9.74 euros.

Document processing and quittance time
The Spain NIE is Given by the General Commissariat for Immigration and Borders, under the aegis of the Spanish Directorate- General for the Police. The Consular Office can not dock the document processing time. The NIE is typically issued within two weeks, but this period may be extended by procurators beyond the control of the administration. The NIE is transferred to the aspirant by dispatch. thus, an dispatch address for announcement purposes must be handed on the operation shape.

Important information about the NIE
The NIE is a particular, special and exclusive number that’s assigned to nonnatives who, for profitable, professional, or gregarious reasons, are enthralled in conditioning related to Spain and bear identification in this country.

A NIE attained via the Consular Office identifies the deliverer to all situations of the Spanish public administration, but doesn’t entitle the proprietor to live in Spain or establish hearthstone there.

Nonnatives who wish to come residers in Spain must be apprehensive of the practicable want to gain a visa beforehand. subjects of the European Union, formerly established in Spain, must register at the Central Registry of Foreign Citizens.



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