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Denmark Skilled Work Visa The Positive lists

Denmark, like many nations, has a large number of occupations for which they are experiencing a shortage of qualified workers. Denmark maintains a large listing of shortage occupations called the Positive List. If you have a job offer from a Danish employer in an occupation on the Positive List, you can obtain a work and residence permit immediately under the Positive List scheme.

If your job profession fall in the below category than you will be eligible to apply for this visa

Here is an overview of all the job titles on the Positive List for Skilled Work arranged according to the professional field.

Each of the job titles is listed with the corresponding classification code (DISCO-08-code). 

Science and engineering associate professionals

311110: Laboratory technician

311510: Plumbing Technician

311510: Plumber

311200: Construction Manager

Health professionals

No professions

Business and administration associate professionals

331500: Appraiser

332200: Merchandiser

332200: Buyer

333110: Shipping Agent

333300: Caseworker, unemployment insurance  fund

333410: Real Estate Agent

333900: Logistic Assistant, sales and purchasing

334200: Legal Secretary

334400: Medical Secretary

335900: Caseworker, building projects

Legal, social, cultural and related associate professionals

341200: Family Counsellor

341300: Parish Clerk

343400: Head Chef

General and secretary clerks

411000: Senior Clerk

411000: Office Assistant

Numerical and material recording clerks

431100: Bookkeeper

431100: Bookkeeping and Accounting Clerk

431100: Finance Assistant

431100: Sales Support Assistant

431240: Insurance Clerk

431300: Payroll Bookkeeper

Office and Costumer Service Clerks

441600: Human Resources Assistant

Personal services workers

512000: Chef

514100: Hairdresser

Sales workers (excluding agent workers)

No professions

Personal care workers

532120: Social and Health Care Assistant
Requirement: Danish authorisation

Market-oriented skilled agricultural and nursery workers

611320: Landscape Gardener

Building and related trades workers (excluding electricians)

711210: Bricklayer

711510: Carpenter

713110: Building Painter and Decorator

Metal, machinery and related trades workers

721300: Sheet Metal and Construction Blacksmith

721300: Bodywork Metal Worker

722100: Blacksmith

722100: Sheet Metal Worker

722300: Service Technician, Iron and Metal

722300: Industrial Technician

722300: CNC-operator

723110: Mechanic, passenger cars and vans

723300: Crane Mechanic, agriculture and industrial machines

Handicraft and printing workers

No professions

Electrical and electronic trades workers

741100: Electrician

742100: Electro-Technician

Food processing, woodworking, garment and other craft and related trades workers

751200: Confectioner, excluding industrial production

752200: Cabinetmaker

Operator work at stationary plants and machines

No professions

After you got sponsored from one of the approved companies in Denmark. you will you visit here to start the visa process.

If you are employed for a shorter period than 4 years, your residence and work permit will normally be valid for the period of your employment.

If your employment is for a period of 4 years or more, you will normally be granted a permit valid for 4 years

Normal processing time
1 month

Please note: At the moment, the processing time is prolonged and can be expected to take
1-4 months

Processing fee
DKK 4,405



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