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Best Universities In Portugal In 2022

Portugal has almost everything anyone could want, from world-famous beaches to beautiful cities and great wines. But did you guys know that Portugal is also known for the quality of its schools? Some of the finest colleges around the world can be found here.

Thousands of pupils from all over the world attend these schools every year. And they aren’t just here to soak up the sun. If you are more practical, choose the first choice. Polytechnic schools put a lot of emphasis on hands-on training to teach students how to use theories in the real world and make the world as we know it.

Universities are a good choice if you like to be like Socrates and question everything or have a speculative view of the world. Universities are supposed to teach students how to think about things. Once you’ve decided what kind of college you want, I’ll tell you about the top 10 in Portugal.

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Also started in 1973, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa is becoming increasingly popular, especially for its focus on postgraduate studies. It’s a great choice if you require to specialize in health studies and get help finding a job in the wild and competitive job market. It’s known both internationally and in your own country.

University of Porto (Universidade de Porto)

It has been around since 1911 and is the second-largest university in Portugal regarding the number of students. It is a cutting-edge place for people who want to study and do research in science and want to push themselves.

Besides that, the University of Porto has a lot of different courses. There are more than 600 courses taught there. If that’s the case, it will put you in a great position for the employment market because their courses are so good and they offer many great services to help you get a job.

University of Aveiro (Universidade de Aveiro)

The University of Aveiro was only started in 1973, but because of its focus on research, it quickly grew into one of the most dynamic and innovative schools. The main goal of this university is to give first-rate education to undergraduates and graduate students, support research, and work with the community. For example, international panels and the Portuguese National Science Foundation rated 15 of the 18 types of research done in Aveiro as “excellent.”

University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra is one of the most well-known universities in the world. It was founded almost 700 years ago and is likely the oldest university in Portugal. It kept its whole educational level, finding a great balance between tradition and innovation. It’s a very interesting option because this school has many learning ways.

Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa)

Universidade de Lisboa is in fifth place (known as ULisboa). This is Portugal’s largest and most well-known college. It has a long history of giving top-notch education that goes back over 600 years. Over time, it has become more dynamic and complex, especially since it merged with Universidade Técnica de Lisboa in 2013.

The courses at ULisboa are of the highest quality and are meant to give students the skills they require to do well in the workplace. Most of the time, they do! Because the College of Lisbon offers research that spans different fields, values new areas of study, and works to change society by spreading knowledge.

Catholic University of Portugal (Universidade Católica Portuguesa)

It is a private institution that was started on its own by Catholics in 1967. It grew quickly because of the high quality of its education, the breadth of its research, and its ability to create debates and discussions that help students learn to think critically and better understand reality.

The research center is the most important part of this institution. Their projects are paid for by international groups and societies, the Portuguese government, the European Union, and many other groups. Research done at this university is always being watched by outside groups that give excellent feedback.

Instituto Politécnico do Porto

The Instituto Politécnico do Porto is another place in Porto (P.Porto). This university devotes a lot of attention to modern culture and the most important issues of our time so that its students can understand what civil society needs and wants. Because of this, more than 700 institutions worldwide have been helping the Instituto Politécnico do Porto improve.

University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL)

The University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL) is one of Portugal’s most prestigious public institutions, with over 9,000 students and about 600 professors. This institution, which has been around since 1972, is a good example of how research in the social services field should be done.

Its education is meant to help with both national and global sustainable development. This university has an incredibly high rate of employability, which means that if you study here, you will play a key role in society in the future, whether you work for a company, the government, or an independent group.

University of Algarve

The University of Algarve is in Faro. It started in 1979 when the University of Algarve and the Polytechnic Institute of Faro joined. This institution was very important because it helped connect its students with local businesses and public bodies to help the community grow economically and sustainably.

University Beira Interior

The University of Beira Interior (UBI) and the Instituto Politécnico da Covilh joined to form the University of Beira Interior in Covilh in 1973. (IPC). The university tries to spread knowledge, culture, and science through study, teaching, and research.



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